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Providing Menstrual Products Amid a Pandemic

Amid the world’s recent pandemic, COVID-19, schools, businesses, public facilities, and places of work have been closing due to public health concerns. 25% of menstruating people in the United States have asserted that they rely on educational institutions, places of work, or local businesses on providing period products each month. With the closing of these places, many people are left without menstrual products. At such an unsettled and uncertain time, many community centers have neglected to recognize menstrual products as a basic necessity that is unsafe for people to go without.

Period products should be of the same concern as other health products, like toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, and soap. We must ensure that everyone who needs them, has access to pads and tampons.

That’s why we are starting a digital letter-writing campaign, for people to get involved in, without having to lobby outside of a safe place. Copy and paste the following letter, and send an email, letter, or message to local health organizations, homeless shelters, and outreach stations to ensure that they are providing menstrual products along with other necessities for people who would not otherwise have access to them during school, work, and gathering cancellations.

As global citizens, we must all make sure that everyone around us is healthy and protected, let’s take a stand, and urge our community centers and members to protect the health of menstruating people.

Letter Template:

Dear (organization name here),

My name is ________, and I am a concerned (insert location) community member. Menstrual equity is a human right, but unfortunately due to COVID-19, the 25% of menstruating persons in the United States who have asserted that they rely on educational institutions, places of work, or local businesses on providing period products each month are no longer able to access them.

Unfortunately, this only adds to the uncertainty that too many individuals are currently facing. I was inquiring about what services exist to support menstruators in your organization, and how we could help you in these critical efforts in such an unsettled time. I urge you to provide menstrual products to people who are economically disadvantaged.

Please let us know and thank you for your time!

Best wishes,

(your name)


It is up to everyone to take a stand for menstruating persons who do not have access to products. If you are able, please reach out to local community leaders with your concerns. Feel free to contact, if you have any questions about this community outreach!

Stay safe and healthy during this uncertain time!

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