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MMSD Campaign

We are calling on the Madison Metropolitan School District to fulfill their promises of equity and inclusion by protecting the health and safety of their menstruating students. For far too long, MMSD has not adequately served students who menstruate, by forcing them to miss class time to find period products, go to the restroom that does not align with their gender identity, or be the brunt of judgement from their peers. This ends today. 

We DEMAND that MMSD...

MMSD Demands (1).png
  • Provide quality, free menstrual products (pads and tampons) in all restrooms and locker rooms in all middle and high schools.

    • This includes men's and gender neutral restrooms. 

  • Ensure that said menstrual products are regularly refilled, every other day, if not daily, depending on the needs of the school.

  • Address menstrual equity in the 2021-2022 Budget. 

Campaign Supporters

  • MMSD Board President, Ali Muldrow, has publicly supported our efforts to ensure that MMSD prioritizes menstrual equity. Read about her support in this Capitol Times interview. 

    • Join her in supporting this campaign by taking action using the link-tree below.​

  • Madison community-based organizations also support this campaign effort: 


Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Harambee Village Doulas

Rape Crisis Center of Dane County

Take Action!

  • Help Bleed Shamelessly make the Madison Metropolitan School District prioritize the fundamental human right of menstrual equity.

  • Visit this Action Link-Tree to sign our open-letter, send emails, phonebank, sign-up to speak at MMSD Board Meetings, and spread the word about period poverty and menstrual inequity in the district!


UPDATE: Success!

MMSD budget includes $200K for free menstrual products at schools

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