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Bleed Shamelessly is a grassroots, community organization and every donation - of any amount - is greatly appreciated. All donations will fund any of the following projects: 

  • COVID-19 Relief and providing menstrual product kits to people in Southern Wisconsin.

  • Campaigns to lobby for and against state and city legislation (i.e. against the tampon tax, in favor of city ordinances providing period products in public restrooms, etc.).

  • Initiatives to educate community members about the issues surrounding menstrual justice (trans-inclusive menstruation, period poverty, etc.) through events, zines, and altering sexual health curricula. 

  • The Partnership Program, which helps uplift other grassroots, youth-run reproductive justice organizations throughout the Midwest.

  • & Various other organizational and campaign funds, like spaces for organizers to meet, Zoom subscriptions, and our website. 

20191019 _ National Period Day WI Rally

Rep Our Merch!

As part of the creative pursuits of Bleed Shamelessly, we create designs on Redbubble! By purchasing any of our designs, you donate a small portion to us, and our fight for menstrual equity. Plus, you help promote us and our mission to everyone you come by!

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