About Us

Bleed Shamelessly is a youth-run, grassroots, Madison-based community organization dedicated to achieving menstrual equity and reproductive justice in Wisconsin. Maggie Di Sanza started Bleed Shamelessly in 2018 as a 15-year-old high school Sophomore. Over two years later, Bleed Shamelessly has expanded to a team of over ten people, and over thirty volunteers. Bleed Shamelessly has lobbied for an end to the tampon tax in Wisconsin and ensure that menstrual products are free in public restrooms in Dane County; hosted the 2019 Rally for Menstrual Equity; provided menstrual product dispensers in all middle and high schools in Madison; supplied over 5,000 menstrual product kits to people in Southern Wisconsin during the COVID-19 pandemic; and much more. Bleed Shamelessly is dedicated to promoting grassroots, communal, and coalition-based advocacy, where historically marginalized people control the narrative.