About Us

Mission #1

Bleed Shamelessly engages with community organizations, educates, lobbies, and protests in order to challenge the additional luxury tax placed on menstrual hygiene products. In addition, communicate with local businesses and educational institutions to bring awareness to period poverty in our society, and demand that they provide free menstrual products for all students and community members who need them. 

Mission #2

Another major goal of Bleed Shamelessly is to bring awareness to the multitude of ways that people experience periods. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to go about menstruation, as long as the individual takes pride in doing so. We want to bring awareness to the different ways that people embrace their periods. This extends to people beyond the gender binary, transgender, intersex, culturally diverse, or socioeconomically disadvantaged people. We will provide a platform for these people to speak, informing others of the diverse communities we all call home.

Mission #3

The third major goal of Bleed Shamelessly is to educate others about menstruation, period equity, and how to take action in their own community. We strive to create resources for educators, students, and community members to teach others about respecting menstruating people, and engaging all facets of society in the fight for period equality. 

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