Taking Action

Basics to Advocacy

Anyone can be an activist. No matter your gender, race, ethnic or cultural background, socioeconomic status, career, educational experience, sexual orientation or any ability. The only thing that is required of an activist is a passion and drive. Be it designing a poster, making a zine, writing a letter to the editor, lobbying at your nearest government facility, or branching out to other advocacy communities, there is a medium for everyone’s voices to be heard. Please read the articles below about how to be more involved in the activist community, and to take action for yourself! 

Most Recent Articles

Recently, the Bleed Shamelessly Team has been reaching out to businesses and asking them to put menstrual products in their public restrooms.

Menstrual Products in Public Spaces

The top five tips for giving advocacy presentations; from rhetoric to mechanics! 

Presentation Tips

The choice to have an abortion involves the person carrying the fetus: How you can protect abortion access.

Pro-Woman, Pro-Choice

"HEY HEY, HO HO, SCIENCE IS REAL AND TRUMP'S A HOE!" Oh, sorry - we didn't see you there. 

Protests: How Effective Are They? 


Learn more about lobbying, contacting your elected officials, and protesting for political change! 

Engage in Politics! 

Learn how to use your powerful words for change, and enact policy with letters and articles! 

Use Writing for Activism!

Learn how to use rhetoric, planning, and passion to start your own advocacy campaign! 

Start Your Campaign!

Are You a Student? 

Check out our toolkit to learn how to take a stand against menstrual inequity in your own school! From starting your own club, to giving peer presentations, to writing letters to your administrators about getting free menstrual products in your own school. 

Are You an Educator?

Check out our toolkit to learn how you as an educator to take a stand against menstrual inequity in your own school! From speaking to your administration about changing curricula, to actually implementing cohesive and inclusive menstrual teaching practices! 

Are You a Community Member?

Check out our toolkit to learn how you as a community member can make sure that everyone has access to free menstrual products - in local businesses and shelters - as well as the dignity every menstruator deserves! 

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