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Legislative Advocacy

A third pillar of Bleed Shamelessly's work is legislative and systemic advocacy. We work to alter, encourage, and prevent certain legislation and policy from being passed, both at the state, city, and council level. For instance, between 2018 and 2019, we worked diligently with Representative Melissa Sargent on abolishing the Wisconsin Tampon Tax. Throughout 2020, we have worked on passing city ordinances in Madison to require that all public restrooms provide free period products. We have been successful in a variety of ways, ensuring that we use city funds to provide menstrual products, and requiring that schools in Madison, WI provide free period product dispensors. 


If you are interested in helping our Bleed Shamelessly legislative advocacy team please fill out the following form. While we always have legislative advocacy on our minds, schedules and legislative endorsements are not always aligned with our missions, and therefore the work depending on the time is not certain. We are currently working on passing city ordinances that require all public restrooms in Madison, WI to provide free menstrual products.

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