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Partnership Program

The Bleed Shamelessly Partnership Program is an opportunity for young activists across the midwest to collaborate with Bleed Shamelessly on menstrual justice projects, as organizers from our team guide others through creating product drives, fighting for system change, and assisting in creating educational resources. The Bleed Shamelessly team wants to commit to these partnerships, and will provide financial support for the projects that each partnership takes on.

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Those who are apart of the Partnership Program could lead a variety of menstrual equity projects, from direct community service, to advocacy campaigns lobbying for progressive period policy, to educational campaigns! Bleed Shamelessly will provide educational, collaborative, and financial resources to help out! 

Have Questions or Concerns about the Partnership Program?

Thanks for reaching out! 

20191019 _ National Period Day WI Rally

Applications are currently closed! Keep an eye out for them to reopen! 

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