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Menstrual Equity Feature: Aanya Patel

Bleed Shamelessly recently had the pleasure of being introduced to the wonderful activist Aanya Patel, who is working with the University of Tampa to improve menstrual equity in her community through a project she founded, Periods During a Pandemic: No Girl Left Behind.

Patel is a high school student and a youth advocate, who is passionate about enacting change. Her campaign Periods During a Pandemic has three parts: Donating over 50,000 menstrual products to Title I schools, tacking period stigma through her social media campaign (#periodsinpandemics), and raising awareness about sustainable period products.

If you are interested in getting involved and assisting Patel with her work, please consider donating to her fundraiser: Periods During the Pandemic - No Girl Left Behind. Additionally, visit Patel's social media to share your stories and combat period poverty and menstrual shame. Follow her Instagram ( to follow her incredible work.

Menstrual equity youth activists like Patel inspire us everyday, if you would like your story and work to be shared on Bleed Shamelessly's blog and social media please reach out in the 'Contact Me' page!

Image Descriptions: Picture of Aanya Patel and a logo for the Global Girls Initiative

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