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Hi, I'm Jordyn!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Name: Jordyn Thomas

Grade: 10th (Sophomore)

School: Belleville High School, Wisconsin

What is your role in Bleed Shamelessly?

I am a Regular Contributor; I will post to Bleed Shamelessly once every couple of weeks, and do my best to reach out to

others in the community encouraging them to share their menstrual stories.

What are your priorities as an activist?

I care most about expanding representation of neurodiverse people and advocating for LGBTQ+ acceptance. In addition, I am also interested in menstrual equity and education. As a contributor, I am excited to provide insight into my experiences and the experiences of others on the neurodiversity, gender, and sexuality spectrums. That being said I would love to learn more about other methods of activism, like environmentalism, demolition of systematic racism, class equity, and physical ableism.

How do you plan to enhance Bleed Shamelessly?

I would love to incorporate more topics covering mental health and periods; as opposed to simply explaining how a menstrual cycle and emotions interact, interview those with certain emotional disorders and how it relates to their period. This could be particularly eye-opening for people who have never considered the intersection of the two topics. In addition, I look forward to enact some of my own advocacy projects at my school, and in my community!

How do you know Maggie?

Maggie and I have been friends for a long time! We used to attend a horseback riding camp together, and have been friends ever since. I look forward to joining Maggie on this journey to menstrual and gender equity, doing our part to make the world a better, and more just place.

What do you do when you aren’t involved in activism?

I love to draw, paint, make youtube videos, read, horseback ride, write, and play softball. I am even on my school’s forensics and mock trial teams! Overall, I am incredibly interested in the arts, and look forward to incorporating a more creative tone to my advocacy.

What is your menstruating story?

I had my first period in 5th grade, much to my personal dismay; I started puberty quite early. Once the rest of my friend group developed a cycle, the discomfort was not bad at all. I have experienced symptoms of depression and anxiety from an early age. Around a year ago, I began

taking anti-depressants after I found out that my period was the cause of some severe depressive symptoms I was experiencing. To feel like my period was causing my mental health to be out of control and unpredictable was incredibly frustrating; however, once I developed a regular schedule on my medication, I was able to pretty drastically regain a more stable mental wellbeing. This was a journey however, and I look forward to sharing more of my story later on Bleed Shamelessly.

Where can people contact you?

Instagram: @jordyn.thomas.02, or direct message the bleed.shamelessly instagram!

Any final thoughts?

I look forward to working on Bleed Shamelessly! If you have any questions, comments, ideas or concerns, please feel free

to contact me. I cannot wait to interact with all of you!

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4 Kommentare

Anonymous Writer
30. Jan. 2019

I'm excited for your contributions Jordyn!

Gefällt mir

30. Jan. 2019

Jordyn, Thanks for sharing your story. Your vulnerability and willingness to put yourself out there in order to help others is truly inspiring! Looking forward to more!

Gefällt mir

Lauren Duhr
Lauren Duhr
30. Jan. 2019

Welcome to the team Jordyn! I can't wait for us all to work together on articles and projects!

Gefällt mir

Maggie Di Sanza
Maggie Di Sanza
30. Jan. 2019

Welcome Jordyn! I am so excited to hear more about your advocacy and your menstrual story! I can't wait for us all to collaborate! :)

Gefällt mir
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