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Assorted Tips and Tricks for Your Period!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Hi everybody,

First off, I wanted to say I'm sorry for not uploading yesterday! I had planned to, but unfortunately it slipped my mind, so I'm uploading today! This week's blog is about different tips and tricks that I have both thought up myself and heard from some of my friends regarding menstruation. Hopefully, some of these tips help those of you who either haven't started your period yet, or haven't tried the tips. Enjoy!!


I seriously cannot stress this first tip enough. It may seem like common sense to some people, but in all honesty I didn't start doing this until about a year ago. It saves you the hassle and time of rushing against yourself to dry off and put one in when you're done with your shower!

2. Don't drink caffeine while on your period.

This one came from a classmate of mine. While everyone's bodies may be different, caffeine might only make you feel worse if you suffer from cramps or other aches and pains during your period. For me personally, something I'm still not quite sure of in coffee bothers me whether or not I'm menstruating, so this tip is especially helpful.

3. Use a heating pad for cramps.

Although pain relievers are a big assistance when it comes to cramps, a more natural remedy may be more helpful if they are less severe. I personally enjoy using heating pads. Mine is a stuffed animal that can be heated up in the microwave, but there are ones available that you can plug in. These are very useful for reducing pain!

4. Have small pouches or pockets for products.

It's always helpful to keep things portable wherever you go! For those of you in school or work, unfortunately there will always be those people/teachers who will bug you about carrying bags to the bathroom. My solution? Sweatshirts! They will be your best friend when it comes to concealing products on your way to the bathroom, and nobody will ask if you simply have your hands in your pockets.

5. Use organic products

If you have read Lauren's blog post about eco-friendly menstrual products, you will know that there are a few nice alternatives to traditional pads and tampons. For me personally, I don't see myself using a menstrual cup any time soon, so for those of you who might feel the same, I would recommend choosing organic menstrual products rather than traditional ones. These are surprisingly accessible, and I am planning to purchase some organic tampons at Target. However, you can probably find them at most retail stores near you.

Thank you so much for reading! Did you like any of these tips? Did you, or are you planning to try them? Let me know in the comments below!

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Anonymous Writer
Feb 17, 2019

I have never heard that caffeine is bad for you on your period - good info!


Feb 17, 2019

I love this article Jordyn!

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