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International Women's Month Project!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Hello friends!

This March, Bleed Shamelessly will be working on an incredibly exciting project! Since March is International Women’s Month, we wanted to celebrate feminism and what it does for the global community! In order to learn more about the multitude of perspectives that feminism presents, we have interviewed a great deal of feminists with different, backgrounds, identities, careers, paths, and interests!

So, every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday during the month of March an interview with an incredible activist will be posted to the Bleed Shamelessly blog! All of the people we have interviewed are absolutely incredible, and we can all learn a great deal from their advice and experiences.

The team at Bleed Shamelessly is very proud of this project, and we look forward to seeing your responses to some outstanding feminists!

This, however, does mean that no new Blog Posts or Take Action articles will be uploaded to Bleed Shamelessly during the Month of March - but we will go back to our regular posting schedule during April! But don’t worry! You’ll get way more content during March as these interviews will be posted four times a week!!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask in the comments, through DMs or email!

Let’s have a phenomenal International Women’s Month!

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