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Be a Contributor

Would you like to add to the Bleed Shamelessly Blog page? That is wonderful - submit your piece and we will publish it! 

Okay, what should I write it on? 

1. Tips and suggestions for periods

2. Menstrual experiences and stories

3. Menstrual health and hygiene tips 

4. Poetry or short stories on menstruation

5. Artwork related to menstruation

6. Myths or societal beliefs about menstruation 

7. Any additional feminist or social justice issue you feel passionate about! 

If you have something that does not directly fit with the Bleed Shamelessly format, feel free to send it to us anyways! Even if it does not belong on Bleed Shamelessly, we could direct you elsewhere to get it published. ​

Where do I send my piece? 

Send your piece (of any length) to: 

I just need to send the article? 

Not quite. We want to give credit to the author, and celebrate those who want to make the world a better place through advocacy! Along with your submission, please send us a small bio telling the world of your hobbies, careers, interests, etc. As well as a lovely picture of yourself to go with it, and a link to your blog, webpage, or any other online presence. 

What are you going to do once I send the article? 

As the administrators at Bleed Shamelessly are all students, it may take us a few weeks to respond, if it has been over two weeks please feel free to follow up. 

Otherwise, once we receive your piece we will look over it for edits and revisions. We will send you possible edits and pass them by you. Once they are approved, we will post it with your bio! 

If you have any questions, please go to the 'Contact Me' page or email us at

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