At the moment, the Bleed Shamelessly Team's primary focus is community relief for menstruating people who are especially impacted by COVID-19 and its effects. As a great deal of businesses, places of work, and educational institutions have closed in response to Coronavirus, as a result, many people who rely on these locations to supply products no longer have access to the period products they need. Of course, this only adds to uncertainty that many menstruating people face. Let's take action, and stand for those in our community who need us most. Having access to pads and tampons is a fundamental human right. We cannot let a natural need keep people from prospering. 

We are distributing as many period kits as possible, please donate to our cause to make sure that everyone in Dane County who needs them, has pads and tampons! 



Want to start a product drive of your own? Please reach out and we can get you started in your own community! 

Learn more about menstrual inequity by joining our weekly activities, and reading resources about different facets of menstrual equity! 


Write letters to local homeless shelters, food pantries, and community centers to demand that they provide period products for those in need! 


A world in which every menstruating person has access to free and accessible menstrual 

hygiene products without discrimination, stigma, or discomfort.


Meet the Founder

       My name is Maggie Di Sanza and I am a current junior at James Madison Memorial High School in Madison, Wisconsin. Social justice has always been a large part of my life, and promoting the wellbeing of all people is incredibly important to me. I am currently the Co-President of Memorial’s Gender Equity Association, a member of our Sexual Assault Prevention Club, GSA, and Student Activist Club.


     I have lobbied for rights at the capitol, protested alongside my peers for equal rights, and presented the importance of equality at multiple educational institutions. I started Bleed Shamelessly with the hope of educating others about the menstrual inequities that exist in our culture, and improving accessibility to menstrual hygiene products; because no one should feel incapable due to their period. 

For many people around the world, menstruation is seen as impure or dirty; Bleed Shamelessly works to diminish these problematic connotations associated with periods. Bleed Shamelessly also works to bring light to the intersections of menstruation; inviting transgender, culturally, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse people to the table. As we work to end these stigmas and make political progress, periods can become not only accepted, but embraced and celebrated.

Why Bleed Shamelessly?

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