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Create Your Own Campaign

Creating an advocacy campaign or chapter can be incredibly beneficial as it not only begins to change policy, but begins to change hearts and minds. Check out some of these articles to try and find some inspiration, reach out if you need any more advice! 

All activists want what they feel is better for society. A common goal, but occasionally different methods.

The Complications of Listening

Craftivism is a form of activism, typically incorporating elements of anti-capitalism, environmentalism, solidarity, or feminism, that is centered on practices of craft.

Craftivism: Why? What? How?

Since beginning Bleed Shamelessly, I have received many questions about how I went about starting a website; as websites can be used in a multitude of formats.

Starting a Digital Campaign

In them midsts of planning a fairly large scale fundraiser, I came across some tips that I wanted to share, as well as mistakes I want to keep others from making.

Fundraising: A How To

As someone who tends to get far ahead of my already ambitious treck, it requires a grand amount of restraint to jump the gun and race towards a finish line I can’t even see. 

How to Set Activist Goals

As the dawn of a new year is upon us, I thought it would be fitting to give some tips about organization and planning in terms of advocacy campaigns.

Organization & Planning

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